Monday, June 15, 2009

Increasing Mileage, BBQs, Maya update

Howdy! The last two weeks have been great! Our long runs were increased to 6 miles, although they turned out to be closer to 7, and we've been doing 3 miles a day instead of 2. Luckily Sundays are off days. I need it. Unfortunately I've been having some plantar fascia pains, probably thanks to pregnancy (my feet grew an entire size, so I know I did some damage). I've started going to the YMCA and doing the elliptical during the week to get some strain off of my foot. I have to wear a heart rate monitor to make sure that I'm actually getting enough of a workout. Honestly, nothing gets my heart pumping like running does. It's challenging to try to match it! It won't be forever, though, and the coaches and my dr. agree that it's best to lay off now rather than get seriously injured and be out closer to race time.

We had a TNT cookout on Saturday that was really, really nice. One of the mentors hosted it in his big back yard. He also owns those moon walk jumps, so he blew one of those up and we had a blast jumping around in that. Maddie loved it! Maya and her family were there, so we had an opportunity to talk to and spend time with them. Her mother said that Maya's immune system had been suppressed for the last few weeks, which is why we hadn't seen her much. She seemed really active and sweet. You would never know she's fighting a battle for her life. Her mother said that she has THREE MORE YEARS of Chemo!!! I can't believe it! She'll be all finished up (hopefully) in time to start school. Can you imagine completing 4 years of chemotherapy before you even start 1st grade?

I put a picture of Maya and a picture of Sig up on my cork board in my kitchen to keep me motivated when I'm feeling tired and overwhelmed - which I have been lately.

Sig's son, Colin, sent these pictures to me. I love the bottom one. Isn't she gorgeous?

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