Friday, July 17, 2009

San Fran next weekend!!

Hiya! It's been a crazy few weeks! We've been jet-setting around and I've been making jewelry like a mad woman. I've sold 4 necklaces and 3 pairs of earrings (over $100 to my account!!) and I've come up with a lot of new designs. I want to be sure to have a good variety in style and price so that I can appeal to a wide spectrum of people.

In other news, I did a 9 mile run about a week and a half ago. Physically I felt strong, like I'm really making gains! It was amazing to power through nine miles and feel on top of the world afterward. (On my very first training run I could only run 2 minutes at a time!) However... my tingling plantar fascia quickly became my throbbing plantar fascia, followed by me limping everywhere for a week. I've done a few 2-3 mile runs since, but am mostly taking time off and icing my foot. I have a sports massage next week, which will hopefully help! I'm going to attempt 6 miles tomorrow morning, and 13.1 next Sunday in San Fran.

I'm REALLY excited about this half marathon! I love, love, love that mileage. I love that when you're starting to feel really tired, like it will never end, you cross the finish line. Plus you get to watch all the full marathoners keep going and think to yourself "those poor bastards". Alas, I am going to be one of them in October, but next week I will relish in the fact that I get to stop at 13.1. The best part of this trip - besides being in 54 degree weather in July - is that my husband Jeff is running with me! He's never run anything before, and never gotten a medal for anything, and has been training like a madman for this. I'm SO proud of him! He gets up at 5am and runs 4 miles 4 days a week, then does the same mileage I do on the weekends. I know that he'll feel like this is all worth it when we're running over the Golden Gate Bridge in the fog. Ahhhh...

Now off to make some more jewelry. Don't you wanna buy some??

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