Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ouch, My Foot! and other stories

Well, Jeff and I completed the San Francisco half marathon! It really was a wonderful race, so beautiful and COOL! 54 degrees at the start. I would love that right now.... ahhh... The Golden Gate Bridge was just magnificent. On our first pass I noticed my right foot starting to give me some trouble and by mile 7 I was hurtin' pretty bad. We stopped on the Marin County side of the bridge so that I could get my foot taped by the medic. By the end, Jeff's knee was hurting him and we were both hobbling at a sad pace, but we finished! I hope that Jeff caught the 'race' bug, and I think he might have because he keeps talking about our next one. He's decided we'll be doing 2 of the Rock N Roll Half Marathons next year because they give you an extra medal if you do more than one. :)

As for my training, it has come to a screeching halt, or at least a very slow crawl. I still do my 40 minutes of cross training M-F, but my podiatrist has given me strict orders not to do the long runs on Saturdays for the next few weeks. I did 12 miles two weekends ago, but missed the 16 miler last weekend. (not terribly sad about it!) The doctor gave me a steroid shot and I'm doing physical therapy, so we're hoping my plantar fasciitis will be mostly cleared up by the end of the month. Cross your fingers! I'm also getting massages at Massage Envy, where I ask them to focus on two parts - my feet for obvious reasons and my shoulders to help release the tension caused by worrying about raising $7K!!!

Well, it's late and I'm beat. I have two months until my race and 1.5 months until I'm supposed to have my money raised. I'm nervous but hopeful. Now is the time that I really need to dig down deep and find the strength to keep training and fund raising and not lose hope. I can see how easy it might be to give up, but I won't do it.

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  1. I LOVE San Francisco! We were just there as tourists. :) Too bad about your foot!! :( But excellent work finishing the race!